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Just me, pitching in something new...

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OMG...I had to seriously refrain from "squeeing" at this...I feel so dirty now. No, I feel a lot dirtier for what stories are playing out in mind while watching this (for the fifth time tonight). They *so* need to "get it together", indeed. Now. Hey, hear that Bob and Tom? It's never too late! *winks*
....ahhh, but what am I saying? You and I both know they already have over the years of their torrid-beautiful affair. Repeatedly. Passionately. Possibly while their throbbing love for one another, that is!

Okay, I'll stop. For now. ;) But I really *need* to write another story...some day. When I'm feeling capable of it *rather forlorn sigh*. In the meantime, I and my friend/co-creator of this community (who has unfortunately been without regular access to a computer for a few months now, but whom I make sure to update on these exciting events when they so miraculously occur) are infinitely grateful for you coming along with your wonderful and very inspirational artwork and video editing skills (gritting teeth, under breath: *must refrain from typing "mad video editing skillz0rz"!11!*) to surfeit our mutual appetite for dirty-sexyaginghippierockers!OTP!love.
Ohhhh yes. You should write more because of my many contributions! Maybe if you write, I'll be inspired to write, and it'll be like a circle of happy BobnTom love.

I'm glad you have a friend IRL to share your slashy love with. My friend and I call each other by our respective rocker's name sometimes. It's very dorky, and yet lots of silly fun.

I'm working on a few Bob and Tom pictures right now, and I'll definitely share them when I'm finished. I have a few others I haven't posted because I wasn't sure about them, but maybe I'll post those too. Hrm. *ponders*

That music video was one of the easiest we've ever done. It came too naturally. I'm really glad to hear the two of you really enjoyed it. Positive feedback makes it all worthwhile. :)

Hehe... maybe I'll do some Sims2 stuff with them. XD