lsdjlskf (trefenwyd) wrote in accused_of_love,

If you guys are still around...

Just thought I'd share a sketch I did...

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SWEET FANNY ADAMS that is jaw-droppingly, fainting-couch necessitated HOT. Kudos to you, you beautiful, wonderful person with exceptional artistic talents for getting the blood pumping back through the veins of a long since beyond the point of resuscitation little musician slash community. And, I have good reason to suspect, "pumping" (and palpitating!) through something else...*eyes wander down towards Tom and Bob's respective groinal regions* Er-ahem. I'm sure they appreciate it more than us silly lustfully aswoon admiring fangirls and boys here do. Although we *do* appreciate it, your *gracious* donation of life, clearly you must know this.