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New Fic!

Title: Ready For Action
Author: dante_the_mouse
Brief discription: Bob Dylan and Tom Petty get up to some sexy antics.
Rating: R-NC17

The two men were tired and sweaty after their concert. Bob and Tom returned to their shared hotel room and Bob began to undress for the shower. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, then sat down to remove his shoes and socks. He was about to get up when Tom, completely nude, sat down in his lap. Tom curled against Bob, bare chest to bare chest, and leaned his head on the other man’s shoulder. He licked Bob’s ear, then whispered gently into it.
“I want you in me,” he murmured. Bob blushed; even after all the time they’d been together, he still wasn’t used to Tom’s rather direct way of putting things. He didn’t have time to consider this point, as Tom rubbed his hips lustfully against Bob’s lap, breathing heavily.
“Dammit, you’re always ready for action, aren’t you?” Bob said, not really complaining. Tom’s reply was to kiss him, his tongue tickling Bob’s lower lip. The messy-haired man moaned into his blonde lover’s mouth. His hands stroked Tom’s back, feeling each knob of the other man’s spine. Tom pulled away from Bob’s mouth and began kissing along his jaw instead, the dark brown stubble prickly against his lips. Bob stood up, just barely able to pick Tom up. He struggled to carry his confused lover from the armchair to the bed, setting him down gently, then stopping to catch his breath. Tom took the opportunity to unzip Bob’s pants, pulling them down along with his boxers and revealing his arousal. Bob stepped out of his pants and sat down on the bed beside Tom. He pushed the blonde down onto the bed, his fingers teasing the soft hairs on his lover’s chest. He lowered his head to suck gently on Tom’s nipple, then switched to biting at it lightly, his actions eliciting a variety of moans and gasps from the blonde. He continued his teasing, moving lower along Tom’s ribcage and stomach. His tongue dipped into Tom’s navel, and a giggle escaped from the blonde man’s throat. Bob grinned and moved to kiss his laughing lover on the mouth. He pushed himself up, supporting his weight on his hands.
“What are you waiting for?” Tom asked, turning over on his stomach. Bob got up from the bed, digging around in a suitcase until he found the lube he was looking for. He returned to the bed where Tom was waiting impatiently. He warmed the lube slightly in his hands, then used it to coat his arousal. Bob pushed gently into Tom, entering him slowly and enjoying the sensations. Tom seemed to be enjoying it as well, judging by the way the blonde man was making. Once he was completely inside, Bob stopped for moment, breathing deeply. He pulled out partway, then pushed back in slowly. He repeated this a few times, teasing Tom with his slow pacing. Tom wriggled impatiently, trying to get Bob to hurry up. Bob chuckled softly, then drove forcefully into Tom’s tight orifice, striking his prostate and causing the blonde to cry out in a combination of pain and ecstasy. Bob continued his actions, the two men’s breathing growing faster and harder as they neared climax. Moments later, Tom’s body stiffened as he gasped suddenly and came hard; he shivered slightly and slumped to the bed, exhausted. Bob thrust a final time, then shouted Tom’s name as he reached new heights of pleasure. He relaxed, then laid down beside Tom, curling his arms around his tired lover. They fell asleep that way, locked in a warm embrace until morning.
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